I was born in 1986 in Israel. I was deeply inspired by the popular animated shows such as Disney’s movies, Ninja Turtles and other animated tv shows. Being an animator at The Walt Disney Studio and Universal Studio were my dream at the time.

As I grew up, I realized that drawing in 24 frames per second is not the right job for me. I then look for other medium to express my drawing passion and soon fall in love in the awesomeness of comic.

After getting a Diploma in Visual Communication at Bezalel Academy of Arts in Jerusalem, I'm now a freelance cartoonist, comics artist, illustrator and character designer.

My latest work is a graphic novel entitled “3 O’clock Club“. It was written by Butch Hartman and Jordan B. Gorfinkel, and illustrated by me.

My comicbooks

2014- Tranquilo

2016 - Miko Bel - The Potion Boy

2017 - 3 O'clock Club


E-mail: Erezadok86@gmail.com