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Digital painting is an emerging art form in which traditional painting techniques such as watercolor, oils, impasto, etc. are applied using digital tools by means of a computer, a graphics tablet and stylus, and software.

Here are various of digital painting illustrations I did in recent years.

Tel Aviv Trilogy

An illustration trilogy I did in  a course of David Polonsky. We had to choose a city in Israel and illustrate it. I divided the city to south, west and center and tried to imagine how it would look like if animals lived there.

North Tel Aviv

Center of Tel Aviv

South Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv_Erez Zadok_01.jpg
Tel Aviv_Erez Zadok_02.jpg
Tel Aviv_Erez Zadok_03.jpg
Breaking The Pig
Butch Hartman

A ideal moment while getting back from a family vacation. Illustration I did for a book collecting the popular songs of one of the most famous bands in Israel, Kaveret.

An imaginative illustration I did about a  short story called "Breaking The Pig" written by a known Israeli author Etgar Keret. In the illustration, is the future of the kid from the original story. To read the full story

A present made for my colleague and a great friend of mine, Butch Hartman. Butch is an animator and the creator of "Fairly Odd Parents", "Danny Phantom" and more. I gave him this picture while he visited in Israel with his wife.

KAVERET_Erez Zadok.jpg
ETGAR KERET_Erez Zadok.jpg
BUTCH HARTMAN_ drawn by Erez Zadok.jpg
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