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"the personal

journey in comics"

of erez zadok

We're in the course of "Self documentation" era, the Instagram app fastly turned out to be the dominant application in the realm of social media which its essence is a public space for millions of people to share their most intimate things in life. Along with the IG feed of pics and texts came a new and powerful player called "Story". Inside the Story, which is available online for a limited time of 24 hours, we're exposing an information update on our daily life and if you're not hurrying up you'll miss it the day after.

In this exhibition you can learn about the personal journey of Erez Zadok, 33 years old who lives in Netanya (Israel), through his artwork, as a known and successful artist who shares slices of life stories. On his IG page, Erez is reaching out to more than 110K followers from all over the world. Across his exhibition you can observe Erez's clear process in life from the Trip-After-Army to South America in his graphic novel Tranquillo, the transition from single way of life to a relationship with his wife and later on parenting to their newborn, May, in his weekly series "Bundle Of Joya" on Erez's IG page.


The journey continue to follows outside of our tiny and beloved country, when Erez established himself as an international artist. He has books that is being published in the US, one of the biggest comics industry globally, such as "3 O'clock Club" and "Passover Haggadah Graphic Novel", a sharp turnover from personal to collective sequential stories. The Passover Haggadah tells the story of coming out from Egypt with a look to our modern slavery, the slavery to the social medias and the endless documentation of our lives, to the retouching and adjusting our pictures and all the obsessive counting of likes.

Personal journey in comis_Erez Zadok_14.

Opening: 19th June, 2019

Closing: December 2019

Location: The Israeli Cartoon Museum

Address: 61 Weitsman, Holon, Israel.


Curator: Dorit Maya Gur

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