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Updated: Oct 26, 2019

Had a great time meeting my friend @julianvoloj having such a great tour in The Bronx, NY city.Julian and I are working on a very exciting and important comic book project that is taking place in the bronx between the 30' s-60' s, which will be the story of Bill Finger, the uncredited co-creator of Batman. So excited to tell you this amazing story visually. Stay tuned!

Thanks to the generous people at the security, Julian and I, had the permission to visit inside this remarkable high school here in the Bronx. Why so remarkable you ask?

#StanLee-one of the most important creators in the comic book and movie industries graduated from this high school!!! And if this is not enough the Batman's creators Bill Finger and Bob Kane also studied here. Ralph Lauren, James Baldwin, Ray Robinson and Ralph Morse also! Such great alumni!

And here are some of the current students drawing a great scene of all the beloved superheroes! On the wall!

Glad I had the chance to visit such a special and unusual place here in New York!

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