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"July 4th, 2009 is a date I probably won't forget soon. Defending my innocence in an immigration interrogation room when entering the U.S. was really not the way I planned on concluding my big trip. To answer the investigator'S questIons, I found myself exposing personal experiences and event from my trip to South America, hoping that my story would help me leave the interrogatIon without a black stamp in my passport."

Erez Zadok, the artist.

Tranquillo - Erez Zadok - English versio
Tranquillo_Erez Zadok_Characters - Erez.
Tranquillo_Erez Zadok_Characters - inna.
Tranquillo_Erez Zadok_Characters - gibor

Tranquilo — “take it easy.” Try as he might, our hero Erez cannot.


On the surface, this OGN is a zany travelogue in which Erez looks for adventure on a post-army jaunt in South America. Of course, following in the tradition of the classic road trip story, it’s really about our hero struggling to find himself. Tranquilo is a heartfelt exploration of that core coming-of-age crisis—what shapes us? Do we follow the road before us… or forge our own path?

Loosely adapted from the real life experiences of Israeli comic book artist Erez Zadok, Tranquilo was originally drawn as his final graduation project from the renowned Bezalel Academy (link below). The tale centers on “Erez Zadok”, who is being detained upon entry into the USA by Immigrations and Customs (ICE). To convince the officers that he’s legit, he tells them his story: how he and his buddy Gibor (Hebrew for “Hero”), two twenty-somethings, both recently discharged from mandatory army service, strapped on backpacks, and grew out their hair—Erez more successfully than Gibor—to tour the Americas.

Jordan B. Gorfinkel


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